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FAQ & Tools Services Contact Us Price List

Welcome to Jils Landscape Supply "Faq & Tools" page. Here you can find some answers to help you.

Alternative calculator

Product average weight


Our calculator is using this mathematics formula

((Depth / 12) X Length X Width) / 27 =

(( 3 / 12) X 50 X 2 ) / 27 = 0.925 Cubic yards

For our customers convenience, the next 3 links give you the option of using others calculators

Material Needed Calculator (Circle) from

"Click HERE"

Material Needed Calculator (Triangle) from

"Click HERE"

Various Volume Calculators from University of Regina

"Click HERE"


This following list shows total weight in pounds / cubic yard of material.

(#1) Product average weight can vary significantly due to many different factors.

Products weight in pounds
Various mulch = 300-400 lbs
Black lava rock = 1200-1300 lbs
Red shale = 1700-1800 lbs
Topsoil = 2000-2300 lbs
Clay = 2300-2500 lbs
Sands = 2400-2500 lbs
Summerstone = 2600-2800 lbs
Limestone = 2600-2800 lbs
Road crush = 2700-3000 lbs
1 pallet (70 rolls) = 2600-2800 lbs


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