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Welcome to the "Services" page where you can learn about your Trucking and Bobcat Services.

Trucking & Delivery

We deliver small or big loads around the city, the price range from $60 to $100. We also offer delivery for out of town, rates vary, please call for prices.

Trucking & Haul-away

We rent our trucks for haul-away service. Extra charge may apply for waiting time or excessive loading time.
CLEAN - Topsoil or clay that has no rock or other debris mixed in.
CONCRETE - Clean concrete that has no excess mesh or rebar
DIRTY - Topsoil or clay that has rock, trees, shrubs or sod mixed in.

Haul-away (Clean)        = $275 /Load
Haul-away (Concrete) = $225 /Load
Haul-away (Dirty)          = $375 /Load

Bobcat Services

We offer bobcat service for digging out old yards, spreading topsoil for final grades and loading up haul-away. We can drill fence post holes or deck piles from 6 inch to 12 inch diameter and going down to 6 feet. Also we provide a power sweeping service for parking lot clean-up.
(Minimum 2.5 hour charge)
(NOTE: Travel time charges may apply)

Bobcat work       = $100 /Hour
Postholes work = $110 /Hour

Snow Removal

We offer monthly or hourly snow service for either commercial or residential properties. We can take care of you property from clearing lots with bobcats or loaders or handwork for sidewalks and driveways. Contact us for estimation.

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